Xi'an Longtrox RF Scien-Tech Co., Ltd.

manufacturing RF coaxial connectors, RF cable assemblies,Electrical connector, machining of machine parts

About us

Established in 2003, Xi'an Longtrox RF Scien-Tech is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality RF microwave connectors, RF cable assemblies, RF load, low frequency connectors and mechanical parts. Our products are widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, telecommunications, 5G, military, radar, medical equipment ,quantum computer, and test & measurement.

  • How to select a right RF connector?

    Radio frequency connector serves as a component for electrical connection or separation of transmission lines and mainly serves as a bridge.This blog introduces the key performance parameter to select

  • Expo: 2024 European Microwave Week, Paris France,Sep.24-26th

    The 54th European Microwave Week 2024 EuMW is Europe's largest microwave, conference dedicated to microwave, millimeter wave and terahertz equipment, systems and technologies. It will provide you with

  • Anritsu VNA boosts Longtrox precison RF business

    Longtrox purchased another VNA Vector Network Analyzer, in short, to test precision connectors. It is Anritsu MS4647B.Bedsides existing Agilent 8753ES (30kHz-6GHz) and Ceyear (10MHz-43.5GHz), 3 sets i


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