Anritsu VNA boosts Longtrox precison RF business


Longtrox purchased another VNA Vector Network Analyzer, in short, to test precision connectors. It is Anritsu MS4647B.

Bedsides existing Agilent 8753ES (30kHz-6GHz) and Ceyear (10MHz-43.5GHz), 3 sets in-house VNAs are equipped to assay technical parameter full range RF connectors ,cable assemblies and other microwave components.


A vector network analys is instrument to test electromagnetic wave energy. It can measure the amplitude of various parameters in a single-port or two-port network, as well as the phase

VNA displays the test data in Smith chart.


It is a powerful instrument that can achieve extremely high accuracy under proper utilization. It is also indispensable in many industries, especially in measuring the high radio frequency components and devices.

Anritsu are a good reputated test equipment provider. Together with RS and Agilent, it is crowned as the top three in radio frequency test industry.


A smart buyer choses the supplier that are able to conduct in-house assay for the RF product.  

Stringent quality control helps you go further.

Longtroxs RF connectors and adapter, terminators are 1oo% tested before package.

Your pursuit of reliability and durability will save operating and maintaning cost in long run.   

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