Mature Ganged SMP connectors from Longtrox


Multiport SMP connectors

Coupled with ganged SMP port in PCB, this product offers a dense and compact solution for testing. Just snap on mating make it fast to contact and disconnect.  

The robust configuration guarantees stable performance under frequency up to 40GHz while the VSWR keeps below 1.15 and 1.50 at 40 GHz. It provides excellent signal integrity. There are currently  8-channel which can be connected to 2.92mm connector up to 40GHz test kits.

It is captivated by jack posts to PCB. This Solderless and removable configuration is convenient and  saving both time and labor.




This dense interconnection is employed in

  • Test & Measurement,
  • ATE System Test Boards,
  • LAN Routers and Base Stations, 
  • Phased Array Radar Systems
  • Microwave Subsystems.


Relying on independent R&D team, Longtrox conducts a throughout chain from prototype ,designed, SI analyzed and debugged by itself. Besides, standard products, we can also cooperate with customers in joint design for tailored applications, and provide high-quality products and customized technical services to shorten customer development cycles and reduce waste.






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